Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waiting Well

Recently, when people ask about the adoption update I answer with a canned statement, “just waiting to pass court in the Congo”, but that is not really a full answer or even a good answer.  I am not “just waiting”.  I am learning lessons from the Lord while I learn to wait well in Him. 

I realized at the beginning of this adoption that the waiting, the still part that would seem like stagnant water, would be the most important part of this adoption process.  The Lord showed me early on that this “waiting” period would be the period of formation, stretching and growth.  Having been through two pregnancies I remember the feeling of wanting to jump to the end, to just “have the baby already”.  9 months seems long when you are waiting on that baby, especially month 9.  But, it is in those months that formation, stretching and growth occur, that life is formed and birthed within your womb.  It is the same process now, it just looks a little bit different.  I may not be carrying this baby in my womb, but I know this waiting is bringing forth life from the womb of my spirit. 
The Lord asked me to learn how to wait.  How to sit in silence and find Him there.  He told me to relish in this long waiting, this time that stretches without knowledge of it’s ending.  This waiting is just as important as the getting.  In this wait I find the gift.  The gift of growth that comes with living life with the Lord instead of against Him. 

The gift is endless in lessons of Trust, Patience, Stillness, Resting, Praying, Counting it all Joy, Confessing and Silence.  To enter into this waiting period with the Lord is to understand that every part of this life is good.  I do not need to expect the fruit from the tree the moment I plant the seed in the ground.  I will take joy in the growth process, to see life sprout from the seed and the beauty that is in the seasons before it yields true fruit.  To appreciate the time I have been given and to see it’s beauty.  To not rush and push at the doors of heaven, but to rest in this plan.  The gift or fruit of waiting is to live this life with the Lord, not against Him, and for that I am truly thankful to wait. 

"Whoever keeps a fig-tree will have its fruit; and the servant waiting on his master will be honored." Proverbs 27:18